9x19 Libra made by FIOCCHI

Recently I had the chance to examine a box of 9x19 Libra “extra sport”. The cartridge is depicted on the box. I was surprised to see a FIOCCHI ink stamp on the inner flap of the box.

Is FIOCCHI now such a cheap supplier they can make ammo for eastern brands? (having in mind that Tulammo issue from Lew’s recent posting)

Nobody with some background on this?

Sorry, no.
But I am keen to learn what CIP symbol is on the box. Czech or Italian?

I will need to ask back as I am not at that location anymore.
Give me a day or two.

Ok, I got hold of the responsible person. The “CIP” is marked together with the proof house marks of the Chech republic.

Thank you very much, EOD. I had expected an Italian CIP marking, as can be seen on “German” Geco .38 Special, for example.