9x19 Luger German 1943 ID, please


Hi gentlemen!
Can someone identify this German 1943 9x19 Luger cartridge for me?
I’ll be very gratefull for little more information, that I have about it.
Interesting, the case is lacquered steel, but the thing that amased me the most is its weight - only 154.8 grains (10.03 grams). The color of the bullet also puzzled me. Wish to ask who was the manufacturer and why it is so light? Of course the steel case is lighter than the brass one, but it is still too light. The bullet is magnetic. Any additional information will be appreciated! Tank you in advance!
Here are the picures:



It looks like a normal 9mm Para to me

The case “am” was made by the occupied plant Gustloff-Werke Otto Eberhardt, Patronenfabrik Hirtenberg in Austria.



Ivo, The bullet is quite normal as is the overall cartridge weight. The black bullet is an m.E. (mit Eisenkern -Steel core) type which generally weigh around 100 grains +/-. When they stopped using lead cores completely, the m.E. bullets were not longer colored black. Weighing the cartridge tells you which it is. My specimen from “am” (lot 3 of 43) weighs 157.5 grains (10.21 grams). This is a common German headstamp (actually Austrian) and a common bullet type found in “am” cases.


Thank you very much, guys! I actually made some calculations and find that the bullet weight is around 95-100 grains, but was unable to find any data in my files about the weight of the german mE bullet - and I ask. So the manufacturers had colored black the steel core bullets to distingush them from the lead cored - I don’t know that. Gentlemen, you are real treasure! I’ve learned so much since I start to read your posts. Thank you again!