9x19 Luger question - S&B 9P 14

What means headstamp “9P” ? Is that 9mm Parabellum ?

Why it use parallel with normal “9x19”, for example in 2014 ? Is that export production ?

Regards. Ave

Ave, you are correct that “9P” means “9mm Parabellum”.

The 2nd headstamp with the red primer seems to be the new standard style for commercial (civilian) market 9mm loads.

The last one, with the NATO symbol and “NX”, may be a special contract load for military or police. Or maybe “NX” stands for Non-Toxic priming? Hopefully someone has the right answer for you.

Leon et al - I am sure the “NX” stands for Neroxin, but that is simply Sellier & Bellots trademark name for what you guys correctly described, non-toxic ammo. That’s a nice trio.

Sellier & Bellots equivalent of corrosion-free primer mix Sinoxid is called Neroxin.
The company’s trade name for its lead-free primer mix is NONTOX.

The caliber designation depends what a particular customer ordered.

so in the second headstamp what should the ( 14 ) stands for ?

And by the what does 11 stand for ? it’s also had the NATO sign and blue colored primer is it really mean that it’s 124gr ?

Do you maby mean “14” instead “11” ?

The “14” stand for 2014.

I have one headstamp "15"
And I have one headstamp “11” so those numbers stands for the year of production, right?.

The one headstamped “11” also have the NATO sign and blue primer. What does the blue primer stands for? My friend who give it to me told me that it’s 124grs

Yes, the “11” and the “15” are indicating the production years.

S&B PA colors on 9x19 are indicating:

Red: cartridges as per the S&B catalog, 235 MPa, CIP standard
Green: cartridges with proj. energy as per customers requirement, 235 MPa, CIP standard
Blue: NATO cartridges loaded to STANAG 4090 standards with 285 MPa