9x19 Luger S&B P.P


What means “P.P.” marking ? I’m interested in description of the importer country language.

S&B 9x19 P.P. 04/13

Also I know
P Z - Policajný Zbor - Slovakia
P.S. - Pubblica Sicurezza - Italy
B M - Belügy Minisztérium - Hungary

but I can’t find anything about PP.

Regards. Ave


Hi Ave,

P.S. was made for Italy but does not stand for “Pubblica Sicurezza” but for “Polizia di Stato” (State Police).

P.P. is another Italian contract for the “Polizia Penitenziaria” (Penitentiary Police). Your example is a reload using one of these cases.




Fede - This is more a language question. Wouldn’t that
name be “Polizia dello Stato?” Not sharpshooting - trying
desperately to hang on to my Italian, as poor as it is, since
I no longer have anyone to speak with in that language. If
I am wrong, that is one less mistake I will make when writing
or speaking the language.

John M.


John, a literal translation of Polizia dello Stato would be “Police of the State”, where dello is a contraction of the preposition di (of) and the masculine article lo (the), and used in that sentence because the grammatical gender of Stato is masculine. Although correct, it is not the name used to designate the Italian national police.

If we do the same with Polizia di Stato it would be “Police of State”, but a correct translation would be “State Police” or “National Police”.

Website: https://www.poliziadistato.it/




Fede - thank you.

Seems like either way translates properly into English as State Police,
but I like to be correct in my usage, and of course if nothing else, the
Polizia di Stato website tells me I was wrong, as well as your good
grammar lesson. Most of my Spanish and Italian is self-taught, and I
am not a good teacher. :-)

John M.