9x19 Manufacturer ID Czech Republic

I obtain recently a sample 9mmx19 123grs FMJ rounds headstamped “MMS 9mmLUGER” from Czech Republic.
I’m very interesting in information about the manufacturer “MMS”.


The company MMS has been in business at least for five or six years. My first specimen with that headstamp came from the SHOT Show in 2002. Their box label on top syas “MMS AMMUNITION.” The end label, though, has the formal company names, as follows:

M.M.S., s.r.o.

M.M.S. s.r.o. :
MMS = Moravska Municni Spolecnost ( Moravian Munition Company)
sro = Ltd. - Limited Liability Company.
These was very small company and was established 15. September 1998 and in present time already did not exist. Initially she be concerned with reloading cartridges and later produce proper cartridge - only caliber 9 mm Luger.
Stitna nad Vlari. - Place production. Stitna on Vlara. Stitna is village iv east part Moravia near border with Slovak republic in valley little river Vlara.

Vit, my friend. Thank you! That completes the tiny bit of information I was able to give, and completes the story!

John M.

John & Vit,

Many thanks for this useful information!!

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To all, thanks from me also!