9x19 MEN QD 2 unknown projectile


some years ago I got a few 9x19 MEN QD with green plastic ball in the front of the bullet.
Normally green means QD 2 (Quick Defense 2). In ballistic soap or ballistic gelatine it reacts like the DAG Action Effect bullet. The diameter isn`t bigger than the nominal bullet diameter.
On the picture below you can see fltr.

  • QD 2 unfired section
  • QD 2 fired in ballistic soap section
  • the unknown cartridge from side, bottom and top
  • one bullet fired in ballistic soap

You can see that the original QD 2 is made from brass meanwhile the unknown bullet is made from tombac.
Has someone an idea which bullet is the one on the right sight?

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Hi Chris,

It’s the original QD2 using a GM bullet, that was later made of brass.



According to MEN factory material at hand, both the brass and the Gilding Metal
(Cu Zn 5) jackets both of these rounds are the 9 x 19 Quick Defense (QD 2)
cartridge, Factory Index Number 23.0193. Both bullets with bullet jacket materials
of brass or Tombac carry the same item number. Unfortunately, neither of my Tech
Sheets are dated, but the one with Gilding Metal jacket shows a bullet weight of
5.7 grams (88 grains) and the one with brass bullet jacket a weight of 6.3 grams
(97 grains). Regardless, both carry the same designation and product number.

John Moss

The copper colored bullet is standard QD2. The yellow (brass) colored bullet at left was an experimental one for the Netherlands police trials, around 2004/2005. At that time the Action 3 had to be replaced. The final winner was the Action Effect.