9x19 "ndn 44" clandestine


This appears to be a Czech 1951 answer to Canadian “MM” headstamp. For whom was it intended?


These cartridges, along with those headstamped “oma” were spurious headstamps on ammunition made in Czechoslovakia. Oddly, I have not noticed before that they were ascribed to a specific date, but I would say the the date “1951” is certainly not impossible. They may well have been made for more than one purpose, but I can tell you that in shipments of “battlefield scrounge” 9mm to the USA from Israel, these headstamps were found. IN the early years of Israel, including prior to the UN Mandate that basically created the State, Czechoslovakia had very good relations with Israel, and supplied a lot of arms and ammunition to them. Even the famous Uzi SMG was based on Czech designs.

There is an 7.9 x 57 mm equivalent to these headstamps as well, the codes “ux” and “uxa” along with unheadstamp Czech rounds of that caliber, that are found in ammunition lots from Israel. Again, there could have been other destinations for it as well. I simply don’t know.


I took 1951 out of Municion.org


Think this is also a Czech clandestine head stamp.


Isn’t PS the well known Povazke Strojarne czech factory?


Could be.

It is a lookalike lacquered steel case as the Germans made during WW2.

Even the primer looks like a primer Mod. 88 but without primer crimps.


ndn Is.
Heinrich Bluecher, Fabrik techn. Buersten, Spremberg. Often mistakenly identified as a ‘Balkan factory under German supervision’.


Are you saying that it IS a real 1944 German round?


Torben - Sorry, but the “Heinrich Blucher” ID is as incorrect as the old “Balkans” headstamp was.
These are absolutely Czech manufacture. On my way to a shooting match, so no time now, but as I recall “ndn” and “oma” were made by Sellier & Bellot and Povazske Storjarne - I just don’t remember who made which off hand.

Someone just assumed they were German and looked up “ndn” in the German code book and found the “Blucher” ID there. Of course, you can find almost any combination of letters there, but in this case, Blucher was NOT the factory that made these. Despite the 1944 date, they were made after WWII.


[quote=“dutch”]Think this is also a Czech clandestine head stamp.


Weren’t these from the Swedish contract? Since on export ammunition no Wehrmacht codes could be used.
Sweden got a quantity of K98 (or clones) at that time.


No, these rounds are from the Swedish contract



May I ask a general side question? I see all these headstamps with white letters and numbers. Do you guys make them white or they come like that?


For better visibility I take chalk. After the picture is made I can remove it easily.


[quote=“dutch”]No, these rounds are from the Swedish contract


Dutch, I see, thanks for enlightening me.


Isn’t PS the well known Povazke Strojarne czech factory?[/quote]
No, PS is the well know Povazske Strojarne CzechoSlovak factory.