9x19 Norinco "9x19 LY 92" box


Is Norinco still not allowed to import ammo and guns? May someone remind me Clinton Norinco ban story?


Nope, no PRC imports of guns or ammo. That 9mm is excellent shooting fodder, with Boxer primers, so get any you find. I can’t even begin to imagine how much was brought into the US when it was still legal, but you still find stocks of Chinese ammo at gun shows…about 20 years after it was last imported.


What was the story behind this bann?


China wanted “Most Favored Nation” trade status with the US to better facilitate their sales of products to the US. The Clinton administration traded that for the understanding that US Customs/ATF would no longer allow importation of firearms and ammo from them.


… for saving the US marked?