9x19 old German box

Hello All of you.
Today i’ve found this box.
Can you tell me the Headstamp of cartridges inside the box? The box its closed and i don’t want open it.

Thank you very much for your help.



When I read it correctly it is; P * 24 34


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Dutch Thanks for your help

Maybe related to this issue?:

No, because it is a case of 1934 loaded in 1935.

Could have been the end of lot 18 of 1935, but loaded with a 1926 powder.so since it was a small number of rounds they didn’t bother to print a new label. Just a guess but could be something similar.


This 9mm box made by the Swiss in Thun!
Box is still closed sorry!


Is it my ignorance or does the label say case lot “P 24” ?

the line goes on “L 34”
“P 24 L 34” is, as Dutch wrote: Polte 1924, Lot 34.

Edit: this message is nonsense. See correction below.

Jochem, I saw the 34 too but I objected to the “P 24” which was the subject of that other thread.
I assume there could be a connection no?

blackout on my part.
P 24 L 34 of course means Polte, 24th lot of 1934. So there is, I believe no connection to the other thread, which is about headstamps showing 24 as a year.

in the lot P 2 L 1930 the powder Rdf 1 L 26 was also used and in the same lot also the powder Rdf 28.Z 1 .L but with two labels.(The lot with Z is also found in P 2L.29 ).

I am always looking for labels 7.92x33 for my book 7.9mm Kurzpatrone 43