9x19 Origin?

I found this fired case at my range this morning. I have not seen the headstamp before. Who made it?

Hi Jon, it was made for Fort in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. Regards, Fede.

Jon - you vision quest for the week is to find out how this case got on your range. Then, if someone locally is seeling it - find me a box!: - ) With the situation in Ukraine as it is, it is likely we will not see it again on the American market.: - (

Fede, can you post a pic of the box so I will know what to look for for John?

Jon, check this earlier post: iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopi … =8&t=10676

Thanks. Will look, but I can’t recall seeing those. Big area gunshow next Saturday.

Czech (Sellier & Bellot) made 9mm Luger and 9mm Makarov made for Ukraine.

I didn’t associate a box with the 9mm Luger but the 9mm Makarov came in a Winchester “Made in Czech Republic” Metric Caliber Box with WIN 9x18 MAK-headstamped ammo. Identification also by primer, internal and external characteristics.
In previously mentioned thread, check out next to last photo. It shows these rounds in a black S&B 25-round tray.

The “WIN” hs were already known to be from S&B.

Fellow members,
I don’t recall if the “U.S.A 45 AUTO” case has identified (as seen in dArtagnan’s photo above), but I recently had found a photo of such cases loaded in FREEDOM MUNITIONS “new” manufactured ammo. The photo was posted on another firearms forum:

taurusarmed.net/forums/facto … iew-3.html

As for U (dot) S (dot) A headstamp, although I never associated the few cases I have with specific boxes, I figured they came in boxes like the lower one pictured:

Lots of differences between Freedom Munitions and USA Ammo, LLC, but also a few precise similarities. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they were related. The only dates I have for USA Ammo are a 2010 box design copyright and the apparent 19/07/11 (19 July 2011) lot number on this remanufactured ammo label.