9x19 rubber bullet

i see many post about russia /slovaquie/tchecoslovaquie… rubber bullets rounds made for specific weapons
9x22 pa rubber ,10x22t,10x28t …

LEW asked if they are 9x19 para with this loading

i find a picture of the 9x19 luger rubber bullet (using the same type of rubber “ball” and the same crisping of the case’s mouth)


casing could be made from “long” blank cases

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VERY NICE ITEM!!! I hope a pack shows up this spring at the Czech meeting!


There is a special type of a weapon in Russia, it is a handgun with a weakened barrel which can only fire rubber bullet ammo, if one fired “regular” ammo, the handgun breaks/explodes. Is the ammo box above this type of special “weakened” load?

i think that these are for real firearms
"special weakened" firearms has specific caliber for avoid mistake with regular calibers

maybe the gun would be manually cycled shot after shot

Nothing special to me. It’s from Libra. I think it’s not difficult to find at the Czech meeting?


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Shall be available in Germany too.

I DO NOT KNEW; WHERE the above pictured ones where made, but I have some, made by Fiocchi FOR Libra.
Pic here:

For comparision the Rubber (9mm Rubber / not Luger) made for Li (LIBRA) AND CZ as Distributor here:

Here it Shows production for Libra and as Distributor the Company of CZ
9 Rubber Libra by Slovakei-3-

Here an other “9mm P.A. Rubber” one for Explosivos Semptex by the same maker as above, in fact a 9x22:


It never ends…But that’s what I like on collecting cartridges.

I wonder if these cartridges are capable of recycling semi-auto pistols? A few years ago, I met a police officer that told me they use less lethal cartridges of 9x19 calibre in their service pistols. Does anyone knows if these 9x19 rubber bullet ammunition are being use in police?

Hello this is my ammo box

State Police Czech Republic or City Police Department this ammo do not use. Possibly hold individually law enforcement. :policeman:

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Any idea how old these are?
Unless I missed something, these are not listed on the Libra web site, any chance they were made for Alfa Tactical to sell at their retail store [1019, Družby 1014/19, 312 00 Plzeň, Czechia]?

I found a stamp inside the box for shotgun shells Libra. 2012

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Thank you.