9x19 rubber projectiles

Yesterday I had the chance to examine these two rubber projectile cartridges and thought you guys wanted to see them.
Hs is: ARES 9mm LUGER, no PA. Anybody out there with more info on these?

Nice items! I have the one on the right and a variation of the one on the left. My short bullet version is loaded in a commercial S&B case and lacks the casemouth crimp of yours.

I was told that the one on the right was a contract for a foreign government, perhaps Russia. ARES does a lot of contract work. They did do a rubber bullet in 7.62x39mm for the same foreign customer.

Perhaps one of the Slovak or Czech members could correct what I have said above.



Lew, thank you for the info.

The 7.62x39 was according to the latest info made for Egypt during the revolution in 2011. They are loaded into pulled down cases with hs “bxn 79” and the PA is applied later on and is just clear laquer.
There are also versions with commercial S&B hs on steel and brass cases and even a “KOPP * 7.62x39mm *” laquered steel case (some inert loaded) which may go back to the test/development stage of these.
Bad image only:

I wonder about the Russian connection.

The non-lethal 7.62x39 loads are also being offered by STV Group a.s., Prague, Czech Republic.

Fede, thank you for pointing out STV, they seem to be a trade group. The only non-surplus item they seem to have are these rubber projectile rounds and there the cases are surplus too (at least those they may have sold evidently).