9x19 Sellier & Bellot production errors

Amongst a quantity of ammunition I got in recently, I found 3 S&B cases which were marked by the previous owner. Close examination revealed why:

All 3 had issues with the primer holes. One cartridge had them offset to one side, the next cartridge had 3 holes and the last one a slightly exaggerated 6 holes!

Headstamps are all SBP 9mmP

This seems to have been a common occurance with Sellier and Bellot ammunition, at least for pistol. I have instances of this in 9 x 18 mm Makarov cases. Some I found in ammunition I shot; a couple were sent to me by a friend in Republic of South Africa. It cannot be excused by any explanation, in my opinion, other than poor quality control at the time this stuff was made. We don’t see it here anymore, since all of the S&B ammunition we see now, other than old stock laying around, is Boxer primed.

The ones I have seen have had one, two (normal, except for poor positioning of the holes), or three flash holes. I have not seen any with such a huge number as six. It is hard to imagine how this could occur in production; harder yet to imagine how it got by inspection!

I believe I have alluded to this problem on the Forum before. Not important. A photo is worth a hundred words. Thanks for posting these good pictures Vlim.

In the late eighties our shooting club fired a lot of 9 mm S&B. Cartridges from the period before collapse of communism were well knwon for the odd case with funny flash holes.
I assume your cases are from that period, because later production no longer had this fault, as far as I can tell.

Yes, they are not very recent. I shot S&B 9mm for about 8 years, between 2002-2010 without a single glitch.