9x19 SLICS bin finds (except alpha)

Is the white FNT a blank or short range?
The airmunition is pretty neat.


It would be a blank as the nose is made to break open along the inpressions in the bullet tip/side. If this impression or thin area was at the base of the bullet it would brak off at that point & would have been made as a short range.
ususally seen on plastic rifle rnds if you hold them up to a light you can see the thin area.

Who are the “S” and “K” headstamps on the far right?

ETA K appears to be Sweden?

S I think would be Spandu & The K is Sweedish.(can’t spell it off the top of my head)

Pete, Sweden is correct.

FNT is a blank.

The FNT one is a blank made by Huck Nürnberg around 1955-56 from used cases. The used mainly spanish cases…but others show also up. See a documantary from Werner Sünkel over ammo made and loaded by the Huck Company

Pete and Jestertoo - the “K” on the Swedish round signifies Karlsborg Munitions Factory.

John Moss

6th from the left IVI Canada 9x19 greenshield?


9mm-Greenshield_ammunitionThe Greenshield® cartridge is known as the best frangible training ammunition worldwide. This truly frangible, lead-free, full-energy training ammunition, designed to reduce health and safety hazards by eliminating exposure to lead and other heavy metals. The bullet is composed of a patented polymer compound that disintegrates into powder upon impact with hard surfaces such as steel targets or backstop materials, virtually eliminating splash back and ricochet. It is truly a safe alternative to any other training rounds. Refer to the always-on-target.com website for more information.

The Israeli blank with a three lobe crimp is a nice item. Not rare by any stretch but it is only known in four dates (as far as I know) 10-63, 4 & 12-64 and 5-66

The red tip tracer is probably by Strommem-Trickel Industries. The bullet shape is distinctive on their tracers.

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