9x19 Specialty rounds - Van Hee, Soviet poison, FN triplex




Will the second 2 chamber and fire in a regular 9mm pistol? Exactly what poison payload does the Soviet poison 9mm carry?


Van Hee rocket was designed to fire in a standard 9mm. The Shirnecker-I do not know. No idea about the poison 9mm.


I have some questions about the military desirability of poison carrying projectiles – were these made for assassinations or just to turn non-lethal wounds into lethal ones? I have to assume that they were very limited in terms of manufacture and issue. Also, although I am by no means a chemist, I would guess that the efficacy of the poison might change over time. At any rate, good shot placement would negate any need for poison – any projectile hitting a vital area would kill as well as poison, and probably even faster. Mark


Poison bullets such as this were intended for special target use. In case you have a limited exposure to the target and want to make sure they die even if they are wounded slightly. You might recall the Georgy Markov event in London where he was stuck with the point of an umbrella which inerted a microscopic metal ball in him which contained RICIN poison. He died from a minor wound because of the technology. Similarly with poison bullets. The shooter wants to deliver a sure kill even in the event of a wound. All ammo has a shelf life after which it can not be considered reliable. All countries have miltech standards for inspection of ammo and most everything else. Lots of US ammo used to be available to the public after having been “aged out” of regular military stores. Not so today. Most materiel is “demilled” - ruined in some manner. The last lot of ammo boxes which I saw get surplused out all had the sides crushed into prevent their use as ammo boxes. You figure it out and then stop electing these idiots to congress. Assassination is not the only case of "special target’ requirement. Sentries and guard dogs are another common “special target” there are lots more. This type of ammo is not designed for regular military use.


the poison used in the soviet cartridge is Aconitine. Each bullet contains 20-30 mg.
Aconitine is usually prepared from the roots of Aconitium napellus, a flower plant known by such popular names as monkhood, friarscowl and wolfsbane.

Not oly the soviet has poisoned bullets the Germans in WWII had similar bullets. Only a slight different in the internal structure of the bullet.
The german bullet contained a `water-potassium cyanide solution.