9x19 Topstar by RUAG (MFS, Hungary) for Alljagd

I just came across this image and would like to ask if anybody knows the headstamps contained in these boxes?


Hst is Geco 9mm Luger. The lot number is 57 NM on my box.

Thanks a lot jeffcy! That is a great piece of info!

EOD - the original TOP STAR box for 9 mm LUGER ammunition has a top label identical to the one shown in the link, including the color scheme, but instead of “RUAG Ammotec” there is “Dynamit Nobel.” Everything else on the top label is the same. The entire labeling on sides, end flaps and back is in the German Language. The bullet weight is shown one one side of the box (Vollmantelgeschoss 8,0 g), and the caliber on the end flaps. There is no “Made in (Country name)” appellation on the box at all, but the end flaps do say “Qualitat aus Deutschland” which to me indicates German manufacture.

The cartridge is brass case, GMCS bullet, brass Boxer-type primer cup, and no colored seals of any type. Headstamp is * Geco * 9mm LUGER. The stars on the headstamp are with six points.

This also made for ALLJAGD GmbH. The Dynamit Nobel address is shown as simply Fürth/Germany, with the word “Germany” the only English-form word other than TOPSTAR on the box. Perhaps an office address - I am not aware of any Dynamit cartridge factory at Fürth. The box insert is creamy-white plastic of the design with 55 vertical posts to hold the fifty cartridges in place, which frame 50 holes in the bottom of the tray for the bullet tips. I found no lot number anywhere on the box.

Stadeln is part of the city of Fürth. This is the original Utendoerffer/RWS factory that is today owned by RUAG.

P.S. ALLJAGD is a wholesale dealer that serves local gunshops all over Germany. End users cannot directly order or buy from Alljagd.

Thanks for clearing that up for me Peelen. Also for the information about Alljagd. I suspected that they would have to be a supplier to dealers, which we generally refer to in the U.S. as a “jobber.” Of course I don’t know much about Germany anymore, not having been there since 1979, but the former “Waffen Frankonia,” later “Fankonia Jagd,” was about the only sporting goods retail concern I knew of in Germany, after Albrecht Kind, that could afford to have their own brand if they so wished. That is probably chaged today.

Alex, if this can be of any help, this is the information I have about recent 9 mm Parabellum cartridges sold by Alljagd.

In 1994 this company had registered the “Classic Sport” brand and the earliest ad I have found for this caliber was published on March 1996. It is described as of RWS (Dynamit Nobel) manufacture.

During 1999 they were offering Fiocchi, Leader, and Magtech brands only.

In 2000 their only 9 mm caliber brand for sale was Geco (black boxes with blue triangle).

On December 2001 they published and ad showing their new Topstar brand by Dynamit Nobel. This same box was still to illustrate ads until at least July 2008.

In 2010 the box labeled RUAG showed up in their 2010-11 catalog. Current advertisements still show this box.



Guys, thanks a lot for all additional info and comments!

In recent Europe it became modern to wether register a brand in Germany to associate (in fact imply) a product with “made in Germany” though it is made elsewhere or as on the box in question where things are watered down and mudded into “made in EU” what leaves a lot of room for interpretation and is usually used by countries nobody would really buy from if they would be identified openly (but luckily they are in the EU).
Despite being good business for those “backseat countries” this of course goes on the expense of those who in fact built the reputation. So Germany is not only paying cash for decades but now also with it’s name…
God bless those who want to see the EU be gone!

EOD - I know how you feel. We decided in the US that hard work and industry in building what were, for a time, the finest products in the world, was no longer the American Way. “Service” (of which you can find darned little in the US) became the national occupation, with all the industry going to Japan, Korea, China, Thailand and the like. There are a whole lot of organizations that would benefit the world with their disappearance - EU, the do-nothing and totally corrupt UN, the do-nothing toothless tiger NATO, and probably many others.

Some of the great industrial nations of the past are not so ingrossed in third world “industry” that they have lost their reputations for quality, reputations that will be hard to regain, if they every can get them back.

Well enough. I have probably just put myself in trouble again.