9x19 unknown (quick defense cartridge from M.E.N)

Does any one know what this 9x19 is? The bullet has an unusual shape and appears to be two piece.



It is a “quick defense” cartridge from M.E.N. You can see a section of the cartridge here: http://www.sammlermunition.de/Spezialmunition_Pistole.htm and just search for the word “defense” 2/3rds of the way down the page to find this pic:

And who’s site is that anyway, I just came across it while looking for a good pic of a quick-defense cartgridge, and it is a great website!

there is also a complete description of these bullets in “Handbuch der Pistolen-und Revolver-Patronen,” by Jakob Brandt and Alfons M

DK and John, Thanks for the information