9x19 without headstamp

Can you help me to identify this 9x19 cartridge.
It is a Berdan primed case (empty when I found it).

Hi Domi, this looks exactly like the cartridges made by DWM commonly found in Spanish language boxes labeled “50 CARTUCHOS para pistola automatica 08 ‘Parabellum’ cal 9 mm”. Also, I have seen these packed in the much scarcer French language issue of the same box. Regards, Fede.

Fede, I assume you are talking about the normal 50rd DWM boxes with green labels over pink tissue covered cardboard boxes. I have also seen these cartridges (with copper primers) in Spanish marked boxes. I have a 50rd box but with unheadstamped cartridges in Spanish that came out of Spain and reportedly was intended for the Condor Legion! I have no way to substantiate this. I think it is more likely intended for sales in a number of areas. The boxes I have seen have no DWM identification.

I also have a similar round but with a brass primer from a German label box with the DWM logo and address. This box came to me from Norway.

I have a round like this with a copper primer that was found in a 56 box of S.P.C. 9mm headstamped rounds reportedly made by DWM (also reported to be DWM components loaded by a company in Portugal) during the Spanish Civil War. Spanish sources told me some time ago that the copper primers were made in Portugal. The SPC boxes often have DWM commercial headstamps mixed in as well as an occasional unheadstamped case.

The Portuguese connection makes some sense since the * S.P.C. * 9M/M headstamp that is found in 132 round boxes have headstamps that are rather crudely stamped and clearly not DWM production, yet have identical primer to the DWM SPC loads.

I have a French language DWM style box, but obtained it empty so cannot know if it was filled with unheadstamped loads, or the style of primer used.

Sorry for all the unknowns, but this round has a number of options for it’s life story.


Hi Fede and Lew,
thank you both for your help.