9x19mm "9mm R&D WCC 82"

Am I reading the symbol between R and D correctly? Is it “&”?


Yes, that is an ampersand. It is assumed by most that “R&D” stands for “Research & Development.” That evidently was not quite true, but that’s a story I will leave for Lew Curtis if he wishes to tell it.

These rounds were for tests done at Eglin AFB, When the Armed Forces were focusing in on adopting a new handgun. Some of the techs at Eglin were ammo-savvy enough to understand that the 9 mm Cartridge normally found in military hands had some features that could stand improvement, to say the least. That is why the projectile in the cartridge shown is not what we were used to seeing in most 9 mm military ammo, as to ogive. There was at least one other type of bullet, which basically reproduced the 8 mm French Lebel revolver cartridge’s projectile, except in a 9 mm version. Remember, France was very advanced in ammunition technology at the time the Lebel 8 mm was in use.

These Eglin 9 mm rounds Are very interesting. Thanks for posting the nice pictures.

john Moss

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Thanks for confirmation. And I got the letter.


Check out this thread from 10 years ago. 9x19mm R&D


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I was wondering where you found these rounds? I have been trying to find somewhere to purchase a box with no luck.

Your chance of finding an original box of this ammunition, now 37 years old and made only for some Air Force trials at Eglin Air Force Base, in Florida, is almost zero. The rounds show up as singles once in awhile, though.

John Moss

As John posted, These rounds were part of a USAF Armament Lab project to develop an improved 9x19mm pistol round.

The more detail story was posted some years back at:

History on 9mm R&D headstamp