9x19mm AP - VOP-026 Sternberk, s.p., CZ


Anybody know what this cartridge’s headstamp may be? Has this company made any other 9x19mm loads that is known?



Nice find! I had not heard of VOP before. Searching the internet, most places seem to identify them as an R&D firm that does testing and modernization with military equipment. The caption for that 9mm AP cartridge claims that is has “a core of tungsten alloy” (translated).


VOP Sternberk is the parent company of VUTVM as far as it is given on their website. VOP just recently started to advertise ammunition directly as VOP instead VUTVM. Might be worth so search into this direction.


According to the internet, Vojensky Technicky Ustav Vyzbroje a Munice (VTUVM) is a research and design firm dealing with military equipment. Also…Since 1 October 2003 VTUVM Slavicín became a division of VOP-026 Sternberk, s.p.

I have heard a rumor that they were working on a penetrating bullet in 9mmP. This may be the result of the rumor is in fact correct.



PS: I have just received an email from a friend in Slovakia and he confirmed that this is a product of VTUVM! The headstamp is (NATO) S&B 9X10 09 with a black painted primer. This is something that has just been announced!