9x19mm ARES Bullets-A Rainbow

The ARES ammo has appeared before but here are some of the bullets to show the range of loads. These are just a few. I have a lot of loads that I don’t have seperate bullets to match.

Bullet Weights:
Top row left to right:

  1. 150gr
  2. 148gr
  3. 150gr
  4. 124gr
  5. 125gr

Bottom row left to right
2. 150gr
3. 138gr
4. 148gr
5. 145gr

Weighing cartridges I have found weights as high as 220, 222 & 223 gr which would equate to a 160-165 gr bullet

Here is the headstamp and box label. The loaded cartridges use this case or are as often found in boxes marked reloaded with a wide varity of cases, but mostly S&B or PS cases.

Lew, are those plastic-covered lead, like Nyclads?

Jon C. - Here is the previous thread showing a section: http://iaaforum.org/forum2/viewtopic.php?t=4410&view=previous&sid=4f5f75e3d33f3de74b55f3075664808d

It is basically like a NYCLAD.

ARES was also at the IWA gunshow in Germany.
Here are some of their “disco” bullets.


I thought I had a good Ares collection for a “yankee.” Lew and Rene - you put me to shame. I not only don’t have most of those types, I don’thave a single lone bullet - all mine are loaded. Frankly, they are more interesting as loose bullets, since many are in reload cases when loaded (not all, of course - some are in Ares cases as Lew showed.

All I can say is wow!

Thanks for posting these beauties. Ren

Does anyone have the slightest idea what all these colors are good for?


If this had been posted on April 1st I would have assumed it was a joke. They look like jelly beans.


What are all those colors good for? They sell ammunition!

Next question?

Now we even have colored guns…its all about what you like.


I saw a picture a while ago online somewhere of a 13 year old girl with her own pink AR-15.

here is their range of bullets & ammo.



Rene, great info. So they reload cases what explains the various head stamps. The grease grooves seem to be filled with grease only on uncoated projectiles since coated ones do not really need it.

Here the ones I came across before. I posted the image already on another thread some time ago.