9x19mm by MOUFLON; Turkey

Obtained this for a fellow collector so before sending these down the road I took a few pictures. The bullet 115grn FMJ brass jacket non-magnetic, red translucent primer and neck seal. Non-magnetic brass case. Headstamp: 9P VNM 20. Headstamps are low quality. No date/lot stamp that I could find.

VNM information: 9x19mm Venom
The mouflon is a wild sheep native to the Caspian region from eastern Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan to Iran.

9x19 MOUFLON, n1


nice box
i like the symbol of the cartridge representative of old revolver round and not 9x19 !!!

Yes, I noticed that also and seems rather odd to have a rimmed cartridge image on a box for rimless cartridges.

Weak marketing!

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and the seal proofing is very bad
on few cartridge i even see that it debond !!!

The animal on the box looks to be an aoudad (or Barbary sheep), not a mouflon.
Definitely designed by someone who knew as much about ammo as they do about wild sheep/goats!

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Well - friends don’t let friends buy Turkish stuff, ammo included.

With packaging this shoddy, I can only expect the QC to be as good.


Quality of manufacture or lack thereof has exactly zero to do with collecting. I, for one, find the box for this Turkish ammunition to be quite interesting.

John Moss