9x19mm Collectors Heads Up, Allegiance Ammo OneStrike Bullet With Wrong Color Plastic Nose

The loaded cartridge with the wrong color nose/tip (ball) is called RangeStrike instead of being called OneStrike and the bullet weighs 70grs.

Photo from web page.
Allegiance 9 mm Wrong tip


" Description

This projectile was run using the wrong color ball for identification. We are discounting it as a frangible range round. Mistake for us huge savings for you. It was built as the OneStrike excellent for home protection and high crowd areas, at 18.00 per 50 rd box you cant go wrong.It will be loaded in remanufactured brass that has been tested for feed and function and even greater savings. You have both an economic range round and one bad to the bone self defense round all in one."

Does anyone know what the correct bullet tip (ball) color is supposed to be?


Brian not having the answer but their advertisement is still showing orange:

Yes, and that’s what is confusing. Note the cartridge info you show is for a 90gr bullet while the cartridge they describe as having the incorrect color tip has a 70gr bullet. But the photo they show for the 70gr bullet loading has an orange tip just like the 90gr bullet loading. So is the 70gr bullet not supposed to orange?

Indeed! What if one shoots them an e-mail and asks?

I’ll do that and see if I get a response.