9x19mm GetLoad box---Czech Made Ammo? or Russian?

This ammo was advertised as Czech made steel case 9x19mm. It was not too expensive so I bought two boxes.

I was looking forward to seeing the headstamp. Unfortunately it turned out to be a standard Barnaul headstamp on a standard Barnaul lacquered steel case 9mm Luger cartridge.

Even the box was almost identical to a Barnaul “Monarch” box that says made in Russia. The light cardboard is the same as well as the size and shape of the end flaps. The only difference is that the end flaps on this box both fold up while those on the Monarch box differ by one folding up and the other folding down.

The plastic tray inside the boxes look identical. There is a very slight difference in the way the webs attach to the end and sides of the tray. The Monarch box is over 10 years old.

This looks to me like the Russian’s answer to the US ammunition embargo!

Has anyone else seen similar examples?


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Lew, what is “not too expensive”? I mean in dollars and cents.

I think it was between fifty and sixty cents a round. At least that is what I have been paying recently for cheap stuff!


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