9x19mm hdsp - Syrian?

Can anybody help with deciphering this headstamp which I think is Syrian?

It is Syrian. I don’t read Arabic, but it probably was made by MMI in Syria.

Thank you John. Would MMI be the same factory as EID as this is the only ammunition facility I can any find reference to?

I could be wrong, but I thought it was MMD. Just in case, the numbers at 9 and 3 are 9 and 57.

Jon - How dare you correct the big know-it-all John Moss. I refuse to be cowed by the fact that you are completely correct.:-)

How dumb of me. I was thinking of MMI - Multiple Munitions Incorporated. It is certainly “MMD” and stands for “Muhasasat Maamal al Daffah,” which to my understanding means about the same as the French “E.I.D.”

Jim - you, too, are correct that it is the same as E.I.D. Etablissements Industriels de Defense a Damas. Remember, French was a second language in places like Syria, and I believe Lebanon as well, for many years. Lots of French influence there.

Sorry for not going more in depth, guys, and also sorry for the inital mind f–t on the initials. I’ve said it before, but I don’t seem to learn. I’ve got to stop relying on my memory and open a book in my library once in awhile when I try to answer some things. Thanks for setting me straight Jon, and Jim, I’m sorry I didn’t just give you a proper, complete answer straight up.

Those characters should be centered at 6 o’clock (م .م. د) and readed backwards to form “M.M.D.”. The characters at 12 o’clock represent an stylized “Syria” (سورية).

Superb information, thank you gents.