9x19mm headstamp ID

Headstamp is M 8 9mm
Seems to be a reload. I am wondering about the headstamp only.


It is definitely a reload on a case made by Hirtenberg, of Austria, for sale to the Republic of South Africa during the time when there was a world-wide embargo against arms and ammunition shipments to that country. The letter and number combination is probably a date code. I don’t recall if it has been fully deciphered, although this headstamp, which is found on other pistol calibers as well, and on some cartridges with the added entry of “Mus” at the top, standing for the RSA Musgrave Ammunition Company.

This has been covered in depth before on this Forum, with all the know letter and number combinations given, so I will not go to that work again, here.


“Hirtenberg, of Austria, for sale to the Republic of South Africa” Thanks, thats all I needed.