9x19mm Huck Dummies

The recent work on Huck Blanks raised some questions in my mind on the Huck dummy cartridges from the same period (1951-1959).

Most who collect 9x19 have seen the Huck plated dummy with the deep groove around the case and the three holes below the groove. Sunkel, in his excellent pamplet on Huck has a copy of the drawing of this dummy, confirming it as a Huck product.

All of the dummies of this type are made on fired cases from a wide range of sources, although the Spanish cases with FNT 1951 and GFL headstamped cases seem ot be found most often. I have seen a number of these dummies in collections that are identified as being from the country identified in the headstamp.

There is another dummy illustrated in Sunkel’s pamplet, but it is one I have never seen, or heard of the existence of an example. It is a drawn brass case and bullet shape with a seperate metal head and flutes in the case. It is listed as item “35” and is dated 1956.
A dummy of the same style was produced, and is not particularly unusual in 45ACP as well as in 30-06, but no dummies of this style in 9x19 have surfaced.

The final entry in Sunkel’s pamplet (item 57) is a 9x19mm dummy (not illustrated) dated 1961 and refers back to item 35, the fluted dummy.

I believe this entry says roughly that Item 57 is probably like item 35!

[b]Has anyone seen a Huck dummy #35???

Has anyone any more information on Huck dummy #57"[/b]

All info is appreciated.



That fluted, separate-base Huck dummy exists in .30 Carbine and three or four variations in 7.9 x 57mm. The only pistol caliber I have seen it in is .45 Auto. At the time these were probably made - the mid to late 1950s, it could be that the fluted 9mm simply was not in sufficient demand for production. A lot of the police agencies - local police, border police etc, were still sporting mostly American arms. In fact, in something I was just looking at I saw a picture of an American military officer with a German BGS guy looking over a rural part of the border into the East. The BGS guy had a M1 Carbine.

I don’t know of anyone ever reporting this fluted Huck dummy in 9mm Para, other than that the drawing exists for it.

Perhaps the nickeled version was preferred, and on old brass cheaper than the rather elaborate fluted ones, by the military who I presume got the first shipments of the “new” P-1 pistols (the post-war P-38). I could be wrong about that, as I don’t know what the priority of issue was at that time in the last half of the 1950s when West Germany was allowed to rearm.

Just conjecture.

John, not contributing to the real intention of this thread I would just like to say that there were also .50 BMG (12.7x99) dummies made this way by Huck. And of course not to forget the 7.62x51 (different versions).

I was told that 4-6 years ago in Germany there was a collection of German dummy rounds sold at auction and in it were 6 different fluted dummies. A collector, now no longer with us, told me that these were not the Geco/DAG plated dummies with 4 short flutes.

I know of three German fluted dummies pictured below but can’t imagine what the other three may have been. Here are the German fluted dummies in my collection.

[b]Does anyone know of this auction in Germany???

If so:
Does anyone know if one of the fluted dummies was a Huck???

What were the other fluted dummies???[/b]