9x19mm ID please

On another forum, someone posted pictures of some 9x19mm ball ammunition he bought in Canada in the 1990’s. It came in 25 rd plastic trays inside plain white boxes, all of this packed inside a standard Com-bloc type “spam can”. The can and box markings are simply “9mm PARA” Headstamp on the brass cased rounds is “P” at 12 o’clock,
Asterisks at 3 and 9 o’clock and “9MM” at 6 o’clock. The asterisks are typical Hirtenberg style with the one at 9 o’clock being five pointed and teh one at 3 o’clock being six pionted. I presume that the ammunition, or tleast teh cases were made by Hirtenberg and sold to or loaded by MFS in Hungary. The headstamp is listed as Hungarian on “Municion.org” and the green paint color on the spam can is identical to known Hungarian smap cans. Cartridges have a red primer and case mouth seal. Any definitive info on this ammunition?


Your round is definitely Hungarian. It was manufacturered by M

I forgot to mention that I have the box you described - plain white marked only, in black, “9mm Para” - but it came with cartridges headstamped with a crest at the top (a shield with an “M” at the top, the same Hirtenberg style stars at the 3 O’Clock and 9 O’Clock positions, and the claiber at the bottom expressed as “9mm Pb”. It is roughly contemporary to the “P” headstamp, perhaps appearing a little bit later.