9x19mm Iranian headstamp

I’ve used the forum’s search facility as best I can to decipher this headstamp but am getting nowhere fast. Can anybody explain these markings please?

Well I can tell you about the Persian crown at the top and the Moslem date of 1315 at the bottom, but that’s it.

That’s a good start Jon, what year does the Moslem year of 1315 equate to?

This cartridge was made by DWM in 1936, reportedly for the Persian Lugers.

The box label is:

The end of the box is marked “DWM” in white on a red background.

Nice items and a nice bit of history.



Wow! Thank you Lew.

Hmmmm…I would guess…1936.;)

Year 1315 of the Jalaali calendar is correctly converted into Gregorian year 1936.

Lew, is it a 32 round box??? If not, what does the 32 in the upper right corner refer to?

It would be great if someone can post a color picture of a similar DWM box for .380 Auto cartridges (dated 1938).

This is well known .22 LR box made by RWS for Persia in 1934:

Yes it is a 32 round box. I should have mentioned that. Four by eight cartridges.

A full case of these showed up in the UK in the late 60s. A few was sold but most of the case got turned in and destroyed, but the owner got paid so much per round and box that he couldn’t afford not to turn them in!

Cheers, Lew

Fede - If I have time tomorrow, I will photograph my DWM Iranian Contract 9 mm Kurz (.380 Auto Box), and send it to my partner Joe for posting.

As most will know, this was a contract for ammunition to go with the Iranian Contract Walther PP Model 9 mm K pistols. The 9 mm K box holds 25 rounds.

The 9 mm Para Box, at least the one in my collection which appears identical to the one on this thread, does hold 32 rounds.

DWM (Germany) Iranian-contract 9 mm Kurz (.380 Auto) box. This ammunition was for the Walther Iranian-contract Model PP Pistol. The
box holds 25 rounds. The headstamp is similar to the 9 mm Para headstamp shown earlier in the thread, except for the caliber marking.

Also, the primer seal is black, not red, as with the 9 mm Para.

John Moss collection and photographs.

John, Thanks for posting the 9mmK box. It is interesting that these show up with a black primer seal. The 9x19mm that Jim pictures at the beginning of the thread also shows up, infrequently, with a black primer seal. It is the identical headstamp as the red primer seal load so the headstamp doesn’t show a different year. Perhaps the cases were loaded in two lots and the second had the black seal. Just speculation.

What is the date on the headstamp of your 9mmK cartridges?




the second line in Jones’ label reads “kalibr 9 millimeter i kutah”, “calibre 9 millimeter short”. From the use of the term “kalibr” I’d understand the other headstamp entries as follows:
at 3 o’clock Ka, abbreviated calibre
at 9 o’clock the number 9 for the bore.


The date of my .380 round from Iran is 1217 (1938). I just took a picture of the headstamp a few minutes ago. When I process it, I will send it to Joe for posting.

The headstamp is not quite as Hans figured it might be. It has the Crown at 12 o’clock, an asterisk-like star (8 points) at 9 o’clock, the Persian “9” at 3 oclock, and the Persian date of 1317 at 6 o’Clock. The primer cup is copper, with a black primer seal. Case is brass with one
bullet positioning “cannelure” (actually a ledge to stop bullet push-back), and the bullet is CN (Non-magnetic).

John, great box and pictures. Thank you very much.

Iranian-contract 9 mm Kurz (.380 Auto) Headstamp. The Persian date of
1317 equals 1938 of the Western Calender. Cartridge was made by
Deutsches Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken A.-G., probably at the Karlsruhe

From the collection and photograph by John Moss

Guys - I get lazy in my old age. If anyone wants a picture posted of something they think I might have in my auto pistol cartridge collection, I am happy to do it. Since I never figured out how to post pictures myself, a friend does it, and while he probably thinks I don’t believe that, he does have his own life, so sometimes it may take a couple of days to post something. If he is around, he is incrediably fast considering it is not his work, but mine, to do. Joe, take a box man, you’re great!

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