9x19mm MESKO Polish Pre-WW2 Reproduction Box With Ammunition For Sale In Poland (Special Limited Edition Including 7.62x39mm, 7.62x51mm Boxes & Headstamps)

If I understand this correctly, in Poland MESKO is marketing reproduction pre-WW2 boxes of 9x19mm ammuniiton: 9x19 MESKO w przedwojennej kopii pudełka | Wunderwaffe

"9x19 MESKO w przedwojennej kopii pudełka"

Google translation from Polish to English: 9x19 MESKO in a pre-war copy of the box

MESKO 9x19nmm reproduction box

Headstamp appears to be dated (20)19

MESKO 9x19nmm reproduction box cartridge headstamp



I hope that somehow these become available in the United States! Original boxes are impossibly scarce. I have an original box, but sans label. I made up a replica label, purposefully on the wrong color of paper (plain buff paper bag), to put with the box, but to have one actually done in Poland by Mesko, and with a “19” date on the pre-war style headstamp, makes it, due to the date, even more interesting than an original one!


they say is limited production for collectors,boxes of 24 units !!!

There shall be also white and red boxes with this labeling.

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And so there is-

MESKO 7,62x51mm FMJ edycja limitowana - .308 WIN -

MESKO 7,62x39mm FMJ edycja limitowana - 7,62x39 -


Brian, nice!
Do they all come with the eagle headstamp?


I do not know, have not found any headstamp photos for the 7.62x39 & 7.62x51mm limited edition catridges.




Thank you!


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Really great headstamps!

it very interessing that had a WW2 style headstamp on 7.62x39

It may be worth to mention that the whole series is 95 year commemorative.
So no real surprise on any caliber.

And again…no Tokarev!



I’m going to try to order some 9x19. Indirectly, friendly dealer…

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