9x19mm Pre-Action load from Geco/DAG


This photo is from the Woodin Lab collection and is one of the experimentals that led to the DAG series of Action bullets. I failed to take a photo of the headstamp.

Has anyone seen similar pre-action loads/bullets???




Boy that’s ugly! Would that cartridge even chamber? Note the way the plastic going into the jacket grooves sticks way out. That part of the bullet is past the lead of most bores and would be in the rifled portion of the barrel. I am surprised that even at the prototype level, DAG couldn’t do a better job than that.

To answer the question (actually not) I have never seen any “prototypes” for this series of rounds. I have seen some that don’t match any of the Action Bullet numbers by color - I think I have a white tip one, for example - but not anything so different from the finished product as this.

John Moss


It looks like a gnarly PinGrabber with a shoddy plastic nose cap to allow for better feeding. I’ll get the headstamp image next month while there… if I can find it…


The filing marks round the case mouth don’t exactly look good either.


Sorry Lew, It doesn’t looks like German quality. -:)


Here is the headstamp of the cartridge from the lab:


Unfortunately, that is such a common Geco headstamp that it does nothing to establish or dis-establish the cartridge as factory original, the product of some smaller company or individual’s experimentation using Geco cartridges for a foundation, or an absolute fake.


Since Bill Woodin has it in his collection in a seperate area from his other 9mmP rounds and with a set of very interesting German post-WWII experimental cartridges he got from a well known German collector, and he labelled this one as a pre “action” as you can see in the original photo, I am very inclined to believe it is exactly what it was labelled. In my experience, it is exactly what might be expected from an early experimental load, particularly one where the plastic may have aged and curled.

If any of you out there have one and are concerned it is a fake or a homebuilt, I would be glad to take it off your hands.