9x19mm Sellier and Bellot Polizei Box

SGAmmo has these in stock and states these are for police in Austria, can anyone provide additional information on these. Headstamp is unknown at present.


This is proving to be rather popular as the box counter on the webpage has dropped by over 60 boxes in the last 15 hrs.



Brian, great box! Thank you for sharing!

I was just doing an SG order, so I added some, will see headstamp next week. I was tempted to order a case just to get a rare case box variation, but I don’t dare as the case might be all roughed up or stickered, and I don’t need the bulk.

On the rapidly plummeting inventory number that Brian notes, SGammo is known to play games with their inventory numbers to cause people to panic-purchase before it “disappears”, but the numbers usually bounce back up, particularly on new interesting items like this. Eventually it is hard to know as they eventually run out. They are certainly not the only online retailer doing this, and ammunitiondepot.com makes an artform out of it.


Yes, I was hoping SGAmmo wouldn’t resort to gimmicks but such is not the case.
Just like online reviews, for many sellers if they don’t like your product review they just delete it so that prospective buyers never get to see a true product review.

I can’t imagine why else the numbers seem to bounce back on the many inventory items of theirs I have seen over the past couple years. They might claim that they are breaking cases open to replenish individual box numbers, but I have seen case-quantities inexplicably go from 3 up to 15 overnight, usually after a weekend when having low inventory is the most tempting for fresh paycheck holding buyers to feel the need to buy-now before it’s gone. The numbers will sometimes go up & down every other day, and they can’t be getting odd case-quantity shipments every other day, so…? I’m sure the strategy works, and it doesn’t stop me from buying there - price is king, and they get the weird ammo that we like

Yep, they do get the interesting and odd ball items in on a routine bases. Placed my order this a.m. for the S&B 9x19mm so it will interesting to see the headstamp.


Brian, the headstamp found in these cartridges is discussed in this previous post by Peter (Forensic):




Well I somehow missed that great post by Peter!

Thank you very much for the reminder!


Here is a headstamp from the two boxes I received - all same headstamp, and green sealant. “08 17” if I am not mistaken? Their 1 looks dangerously similar to the 7 in that font.


The NX stands for Non-Toxic. I never know with these whether the 08 is a month (August) or a lot number.

Interestingly, the ad I saw for this, while illegible as to the headstamp, the cartridge had a red sealant.

John M.

Matt, on mainland Europe this is entirely normal and easily distinguishable to “natives”.

I just found out that the box of this ammo I am receiving has the same headstamp, including date and green primer seal, as does DK’s.

Just for curiosity, has anyone purchased one of these boxes and had it contain the cartridges with red seals?

Also, I think this has been covered before, but don’t have any notes about it handy at the moment. What is the significance of a green seal as opposed to a red one? Red is used on most commercial ammo that has/had a visible primer seal at all. There are also blue seals on S&B 9 mms. I was of the impression that they were on Czech Police loads. Is that right or wrong? Since the cartridges in question here were made for Austrian Police, is that a factor in the choice of the color of the primer seal?

John Moss

S&B primer colors:

Red: CIP specifications + S&B loading

Green: CIP specifications + clients loading

Blue: STANAG 4090 specifications

Does this mean that a blue primer seal is only a NATO-standard load, and for NATO forces?

John M.

John, no, only to NATO specs! I assume anybody can order his ammo this way.

Thank you, EOD!


The case I got had red primers, for what it’s worth. Want I should upload a headstamp?

Uploading a headstamp is always welcome, because it could show something unexpected.
Red primers (and nickel colored bullet jackets) on Sellier & Bellot pistol ammunition (“inspired by Geco” I presume) where used for decades by this company, even during the communist era.

EDIT: Looks like I am slightly colorblind and these ones are green too. They just look a bit different.

Looks like I actually got two different lots! I ordered 12 and ended up 5 red primers and 7 blue ones! I ordered a day or two after they posted.

Looks like the red boxes are marked with 23/17/31 and blues are 08/17/113. If this means anything to anyone.

Also I found it interesting to note that the red ones have a slightly longer COAL and/or case length. I assume due to the different manufacture’s or whatever.

Projectiles look the same.

Here’s the red headstamp for the curious:

And the Actually Green: