9x19mm Steel Core Czech?


Hoping my new friend jasve can help me on this one too!
9x19 steel core with steel jacket, brass case, headstamp 1/51/0 with + on top/-/* , Czech?
Is this the Czech “08 m E”, the 1950’s version with nickel/steel jacket?


It is Czech. There are a bunch of headstamp variations like that using symbols like triangles, and the plus over circle, etc… It is basically the same same thing as the 08mE, with small differences in core shape


According to “male” sign (circle with arrow) this round was manufactured in czechoslovak ammunition plant “Povazske strojarne”, Povazska Bystrica, western Slovakia.
Other signs:
“dash” - case with one excentric flash hole
"*" - case material brass
"1" - month or lot number
"51" - production year




Thanks guys. One flash hole, never noticed that.