9x20 rimfire


Looked it up on Municion.org, but failed to find out what kind of revolver it was fired in? Did anybody else besides RWS make that cartridge? i’ll put up a picture tomorrow.

Edit: Heres the one together with a .380 also made by RWS.


The 9mm Sharps was a longer flobert cartridge. The guns that shot it could also shoot regular shorter flobert cartridges, but not necessarily vice-versa. The cartridge was popular for hunting rabbits.

Here is a picture of one of mine.

It was made also made in a shot variety which I also have, but here is a picture from some other site:

And here is a label for the shot cartridge:


The 350 Sharps (shot loading variations) were made in two lengths : 45 mm and 54 mm.



Thanks both for the helpful replies. Mine has (of course, it was only made by RWS… :-) the same headstamp as Aaron’s

Edit: spelling


Here are a few more.

  1. No headstamp: reported to be Egestorff?
  2. U in Shield: Utendoerffer/ RWS
  3. Rsd “D&C”: Dreyse & Collenbush
  4. Rsd “D”: Gustav Genschow & Co
  5. Rsd “D”: Gustav Genschow & Co
  6. U in Shield: Utendoerffer/ RWS
  7. R in shield: RWS
  8. R in shield: RWS
  9. NHS: ?



Another source tells me that Sharps made a version of their 4-barrel pocket pistol in this caliber. That must be the reason behind the name .350 Sharps.


Correct, Soren