9x22R Japanese type26 blank


I have a type26 blank cartridge which was used for type26 revolver.It has a zinc or nickel covered brass case,with 3 crimps on the mouth.Do anybody have info about it?




I have discussed this loading with a serious “Japanese” collector, and his belief is that they were probably not a blank for the pistol, but rather a flame-thrower ignitor round.
In either case, it is very rare.


Jon, do you have more information about that? And which Japanese flame thrower would have used this cartridge? Both the Type 93 and 100 used front-loading rimless-grooveless cartridges.


Uh…it might have been the rimless we were discussing. I will ask.


Hi, Is this anything-
from Wikipedia
"Grenade launcher

The Type 90 tear gas grenade launcher was developed to be fired with the Type 26 revolver.[16] Gas grenades could be fired by a special 9x22 mm cartridge in place of the regular ball ammunition.[16]"



There was a similar tear-gas grenade launcher for the Type 14 pistol,
although I have never seen a picture of one. It used a wood-bullet blank
8 mm Nambu cartridge to propel it. They usually have a red-colored bullet
of pretty normal ogive, but wood, although I am told that Woodin Lab has
a specimen with a plain wood bullet. Don’t recall every seeing it there, although
regretably, I have not been to the Lab in a long, long time. I can confirm the red-
bullet version as I have a very nice condition one in my own collection. These have
a headstamp of shorts, a Japanese character consisting of a curved line, curving upwards
from left to right, with either one “tick” mark above it, or two. Mine has only one. I
don’t know if the plain-wood bullet version has a headstamp or not. Cases are normal
brass; they are not tinned on the 8 mm.

John Moss


The Type 90 laucher was used with a bulletless blank closed with a carboard wad, but I don’t know if it could be the cartridge in question.


oh yes!this cartridge is bulletless and covered with paper