9x23 Origin?

I got these 2 9x23 cases at work today; the modern competition 9x23. I was told they were from the guy who actually invented the round and then got “hosed” by Winchester. Any info on these?
Sorry about the flipped pic.

Hi Jon,

These are 9 x 23 Super+P cases made by Winchester for C.P. Bullets, Warminster, PA. “CP” stand for “Competition Proven”.



I was told they were from before Winchester got involved. Possible? And if so…who made them?

You was told right, they predate the introduction of Winchester’s 9x23 Winchester, but the CP brass was also made by them. The designer is John A. Ricco.

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Here is a box of the loaded ammo with the headstamp as shown by PeteDeCoux:



Are you sure that box was shown by me?
I know I don’t have it & can’t remember ever seeing it before?

i do have one of the loaded rounds still with an Otto Witt label / price on it, but that’s all.

I would only express, that the box shown be me in my post fits the headstamp of the 2 cartridges you have shown in your post…

Oh now I understand. A name mistake.