9x25 "dnh * 2 43" box


Why does it say “Kal 7,63” on the side of the box?



Sorry, I answered my own question. The main face of the box (photo #1) has an over-label on the 7,63 Mauser box, probably running out of boxes in 1943, it is also evident in the word “Patronen” on top, which has “O” of probably Oeldicht from the original label. So the headstamp is probably true for this box.


Very Nice Box! I have not seen this before.

It is amazing how much commercial work or contract work Geco (and probably others) were doing into 1944.




9x25 Mauser calibre SMGs were in use in Hungary, as well as some SMG and Pistols within “private” (non-Wehrmacht) use within the Reich itself.

AT the extreme, a Latin American Contract could be a possibility.

My impression is that it was for Hungary.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


This 9mm Mauser ammo could also have been for Austrian Police Units armed with 9x25 mm Steyr-Solothurn MP 34(ö) SMGs, or even for the occupation troops in Greece, where similar SMGs were used by a large Greek Mechnaized Police unit which was abolished after the German occupation. The Germanys likely put those small arms to use. DWM had made several contract deliveries of ammunition of this caliber to Greece before the war - they are the cartridges with “Y A” on the headstamp, and in the short time between the last contract with DWM and the German invasion of Greece, ENK made ammo with the same “Y A” on the headstamp. The “Y A” stands for “Ypourgion Asfalias” (Ministry of Security) who controlled all Police Departments, including the Mechanized Police Force that was created in 1936 and lasted until 1940 or 1941. That does not rule out that they could have been supplied also to Hungary, for their Model 39M SMG, although in the years of the War, Hungaria was producing their own supplies of ammunition in this caliber, first at Femáru- Fegyver- és Gépgyár, Rt., often referred to as simply “Fég.” Later, probably beginning in 1943, but possibly a year earlier, Magyar Löszermüvek Rt., of Veszprém made the 9 x 25 mm cartridge. We would think that they would have had the ability to manufacture sufficient stores of this caliber for their own use, but we have no documentation either to prove or disprove that opinion. One could, of course, say the same thing in regard to Austrian use of the cartridge, since we know the Austrian factory at Hirtenberg made the ammunition during the first years after the Auschluss with Germany.

This RWS ammo could even have been made for the SS, as they ase known to have used all manner of foreign weapons, including the MP 43 (ö). but again, no documentation is known to me regarding this.

For further reading on this caliber, see the following reference:

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Magyar Löszermüvek History and P (Hirtenberger) Headstamp Questions