9x39 hunting

It appears that 9x39 subsonic ammunition, which was originally developed for Soviet silenced assault and sniper rifles, is now certified in Russia as civilian hunting round, with FMJ lead core bullet (weight 15.5 gram)

Image from Russian gun forum:

do you know the headstamps of those rounds?

Pivi, no h/s info so far

Still FMJ? Seems a curious choice.

Tony, to tell you the truth (or, to be honest, my own opinion) the only reason for existence of this round in its civilian disguise is to get some additional money from local “tacticool” crowd.
Apparently, the only gun available for this round so far is “de-militarized” 9A91, in semi-auto, longer-barreled version. “Hunting” status is required to get gov’t approval for civilian sales.

The hs is civilian by Klimovsk but could be also from an old MIA contract as the given year there is a long time back (or false on purpose).
The story behind these is that a rich Russian got them certified as hunting ammo for his very own use. We shall see if they will ever make it further than that single person.

local enthusiasts contacted KBP, and were told that some civilian 9A91-based rifles are available for purchase, although prices are in $3-5,000 region or so.
No word on ammo availability, though

BTW, Klimovsk factory is in troubles again, as its current owner, who is Mexican citizen with Russian roots, is currently at large, being sought by Russian Law Enforcement authorities for several crimes, including illegal privatization of the ex-state owned ammunition plant.

for those interested about KSPZ and its legal troubles, here are some details (in Russian): marker.ru/news/2513

Max - the web site with information about Klmovsk will translate into English, but
it is, at best, a poor translation and hard to understand what is going on. Can you
provide just a short summary?

Also, please see my inquiry about Russian 9 x 18 mm Makarov Proof Loads? I wrote
a private email a week or so ago about this, but have not heard from anyone. Can
you, or through any of your friends, help me with this information? It is important to
me and a friend for a study we are doing.

John, KSPZ situation is as follows:
Someone Jorje Portilia-Sumina, Mexican citizen with Russian roots and alleged connections to organized crime, illegally obtained about 26% of the KSPZ stocks after forced criminal bancrupcy of the factory.

as for 9x18 proof loads, sorry, I have no info

Interesting what this cartridge was manufactured 10 years ago! Hs is 9x39 02!

To be correct the hs is: “(klimovsk logo) 9x39 02”

Only the case were made in 2002 (if that is the real date and not dated back on purpose). The cartridges were made in 2012.
Or they simply used old cases which were made for a different order and were not delivered for some reason.

EOD it was patented a while ago. So not only cases were made. In 2012 were made bullets for KBP development attempt. It’s still very possible what these are cardridges developed 10 years ago. KSPZ also tried brass cases for this caliber.

The brass cases sound interesting.
My info for the 2012 load data is from the factory.

Do you happen to know the inner construction of the projectile? The given weight and the supposedly absence of a steel core makes me think that the projectile must have a long hollow base or an air cavity in the tip section.

It would be wonderful if someone could manage to get a box or two of these before the St. Louis show.

Jon, these are not on commercial sale in Russia.

from the same guns.ru forum:

in fact, these are.
But you have to legally own a rifle in this exact caliber to be able to buy live ammo in the same caliber.

for example, I own 12 ga shotgun and (soon will have) .357 mag Rossi 92 rifle. As a result, I can legally buy live ammo in 12 ga and .357 mag only, and nothing else, even if other calibers are perfectly legal for civilian shooters in general

Max, thanks a lot for clarification of the projectile design. Have you seen them in a shop or is that company advertisement only?

All info comes from the posters on the guns.ru forum. Apparently, people have seen “de-militarized” 9A91 hunting rifles in gun shops, and were able to get some ammo, most probably through one of very few owners of such rifles (no comments about legality of such transactions under local laws)
However, so far 9x39 is by no means a wide-spread round like, say, .223 or 7,62x39, and I doubt it will ever will be.

Now I wonder if the FMJ lead core projectile is maybe a “low ricochet” projectile which might have well been for use in urban areas by police/MIA and made it to the civilian side? (along the PRS series which was around for a while)
Just a thought.