9x39 Wolf

Does anyone have a photo box?


Here is a picture of the box having bimetal cases. Before this was made, there was supposed to be a Wolf brand 9x39 using polymer coated cases, buy haven’t seen the box, I there was ever one made. Note that this variant by Wolf for the US market is designated “9x39 Wolf”, which was registered as a trademark by SSI.




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Fede, to my understanding the manufacturer should be KSPZ then.
Do you have the full markings of that box?

And which weapons are offered for this caliber in the US?

As far as it is known at this time the Wolf 9x39mm is not yet available here in the U.S.


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Alex, I don’t have more pictures of the box, but yes, it was made by Klimovsk (KSPZ). Headstamp is also new: Klimovsk new logo at 12 o’clock pointing to the right and 9 x 39 on the bottom.


Fede, indeed, this is a new variation as the commercial cases they made in the past (one copper clad “02” and one LS “14”) had the year in the hs.

Brian, as for the link with the video. The 9x39 was not used in Afghanistan by the Soviets as it was about to be born when the Soviets left Afghanistan in 1989.

I wonder where their self confidence comes from to call it “9x39 Wolf” after the caliber is existing for 30 years…


I suppose it all part of the marketing strategy. Historical facts are quite often exaggerated, distorted, forgotten or left out on purpose.


Does anybody know of any place in the U.S. where you can buy some of this ammo?

Slagga Manufacturing LLC will be offering their US made VSS rifle chambered for this caliber if the ammunition is available in quantity. Other sources also mention uppers for AR type rifles.

Fede, yes I later saw the AR Uppers.
Could become a well used caliber in the US then.

I wonder what a US made VSS will be then.

Brian, thanks!
9x39 considered AP? And shrouded in mystery?
I’d rather say shrouded in ignorance.

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i think brian refers to others 9x39 types (there are AP)

the only “ball” load is SP5 (i think is less common than the AP type)

I am aware where the thought comes from (actually I cited the website entry, Brian for sure knows what it is about).

In Russia all loads (SP-5, SP-6, PAB, SPP) are common.

What was written in that article is the usual result of “internet clickers” writing stuff.

It is all about marketing now and for those involved in marketing this cartridge and resulting firearms correct historical information is of little importance.


Brian, indeed!
I noticed that at many arms exhibitions etc. and as we see here it is the same in the commercial branch.

Here is a better image of the headstamp. There is some sort of quantity of this ammo in the U.S. at Wolf’s offices, and it is being shown around just a bit via some of their sales reps. It has turned up a handful of boxes apparently. It is slated for a commercial / retail release sometime this year, that is unless ongoing political strain between U.S. and Russia don’t boil over and cause trade issues on more guns & ammo.


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Matt, thanks for posting the clearer headstamp.

Btw: TCW is now also offering civilian loads in this caliber. There is a FMJ and a SP.

maybe there is someone’s photo?