9x39 Wolf

Brian, indeed!
I noticed that at many arms exhibitions etc. and as we see here it is the same in the commercial branch.

Here is a better image of the headstamp. There is some sort of quantity of this ammo in the U.S. at Wolf’s offices, and it is being shown around just a bit via some of their sales reps. It has turned up a handful of boxes apparently. It is slated for a commercial / retail release sometime this year, that is unless ongoing political strain between U.S. and Russia don’t boil over and cause trade issues on more guns & ammo.


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Matt, thanks for posting the clearer headstamp.

Btw: TCW is now also offering civilian loads in this caliber. There is a FMJ and a SP.

maybe there is someone’s photo?

This one maybe:


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Dummies made using a 3D printer by Advanced Weapon Systems in Greenwood, Indiana. This is one of several US companies testing samples of the 9 x 39 cartridge.



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Where did you buy them ?

There have been a few boxes listed on Gunbroker, out of Oklahoma.

We bought about 900 rounds from Wolf late last year. most of it has been shot. We are currently trying to obtain more. Sorry, I did not think to at least save the cases. I don’t know how many we have left, I have about a box full set aside for fit check.

A couple years ago I meet a gun Smith at a local gun show who does custom AR-15s. He has several Wildcat cartridges he has developed for them. One of which must be very simular to the 9x39 wolf. He calls it the .35 ARem. I am pretty sure all he does is necks up a 7.62x39 case to .35 caliber. Which is pretty much a 9mm.

I received a couple boxes, here is a headstamp scan:



A couple more close-up photos. I pulled a bullet to check things out, and the look of the berdan primer holes struck me as odd since it appears to have a third central hole, or maybe that is just a dimple and not a hole? I hadn’t seen one like this before anyway and I am also unsure of what the oval scoring impression is from, of which one line runs directly over a flash-hole:


And here the base of the projectile, which shows a hollow cavity from the base of the jacket edge to the lead core. I don’t know what the stippling on the lead is from in the photo. I melted out the core and the jacket itself is a relatively beefy 0.85mm thick and weighed 59.5 grains out of the total 278 gr.


And I see that the ammo is now appearing for retail sale in the U.S., shown here at ammunitionstore for $22 a box -http://ammunitionstore.com/products/9x39-wolf-ammo-278gr-fmj-wolf-performance-20-round-box.html

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Matt, the centre is a dimple from where the amboss is formed.
The circular tool marks are from a tool which was inserted as a rest for thecase for one of the operations after it was done (primer seating?).

The dots in the lead of the projectile should be from other projectile tips as that happens in the hopper when the projectiles are in the loading machine.

Came across this Tula 9x39 today at MidwayUSA, and this is its first appearance in the U.S. as far as I can tell. I’ll have a box to get a headstamp image up early next week.


Thank you for sharing!

Is there a link to the Midway offer?

If it doesn’t seem to work right when you get to that page, just search for “9x39”.

Jon, thanks, found it!

It looks like MidwayUSA completely bungled this product launch. As is sometimes the case, Midway had this item exclusively, with no other seller on in the U.S. having any. This indicates some sort of big deal (as is usually the case with Midway) with Tula’s U.S. importer - Grasso Holdings. Even though the Tula 9x39 had been live on Midway’s site for less than a day, and even though it showed as in-stock well after I placed my order, I have now received notification that my one box of 20rds will not ship. When I called and asked customer service he had a completely unbelievable story about Midway “Miscounting” how much they had. Midway doesn’t miscount anything, their inventory management is essentially perfect. I don’t know what the big deal with this stuff was, whether it was a recall or some controversy, but they bungled it. Hopefully it turns up somewhere because I absolutely do not believe what the customer service rep was implying - that some customers who ordered it earlier on when it first came available would actually receive it. There’s virtually no guns or uppers available yet, and I can’t believe that dozens of cases of this regular-priced ammo just vanished on Thursday night / Friday morning like that.