9X39mm ammo


Today i bought this ammo i’m pretty sure it’s 9x39mm . but with no headstamp at all. can some one please identify the manufacturer or there’s no headstamp
it’s the to the right next the 7.62x39mm


Yes it is a 9x39 and it was made by KSPZ in Klimovsk.


Thank you EOD. but why there’s no headstamp ?


This is the way they made them for about 25 years. Obviously the ordering entity (the Russian MIA) wanted it this way.
The only 9x39 with headstamps came later (from 1997 onwards) from TCW (TPZ). These were then also orders of the MIA and had basically commercial headstamps (since the MIA is no military) and were followed by military orders which then got the normal military style hs in 2x180° pattern with factory code 539 + year.
The last KSPZ production we know of is commercial (civilian!) and has also commercial headstamps which of course could be used for MIA orders too but there are none to what we know right now as KSPZ is excluded from governmental purchases due to legal issues they been involved in (some illegal stuff was going on there).

There are other cartridges from the SP-series which have no headstamps (SP-3, SP-4).
Also other cartridges were made for spec ops units and KGB which had no hs like PZA, PZAM, PFAM, PMAM etc.


Thank very much again EOD, you have very interesting information. now i’m very curious how do you know all that. where i can got all of that information


Talrusan, most to all of the info is available in Russia + one needs to observe real specimen.
Doing that intensively for 25 years will give you a more or less proper overview.
But be assured that I have more questions than answers.