9x51 SMAW case with NO headstamp

I recently acquired a fired 9x51 SMAW case. These are usually found with the remains of a date on the .308 case, as well as “RG” and a date on the .22 Hornet blank.

However, this fired case has no headstamps of any kind. I’m sure I remember reading that these were US made. Is that correct?

Thanks for any info.

Yes MAST, a company owned by Jim Bell (formerly of BELL Brass) was the contractor for the US made examples.


IAA Journal issue 438, Jul/Aug ’04 on page 41 has some info.

Rounds I have plus the magazine.

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Thanks for the replies.

Has anyone ever seen one of the spotting rifles in civilian ownership? It would be interesting to fire one.

i forgot to add: Does anyone have a diagram showing the internal mechanism of this spotting rifle? Does the spotting rifle have its own designation or is it counted as part of the SMAW launcher?