9x56 Austrian hollow point


Is this a military round?


Considering the bullet type and the headstamp style, I
would think that this is a commercial hunting load.

John Moss



Are you sure.

The round looks to me as an 9x57
To compare, a picture with a 7x57, 8x57 and a 9x57.


Thanks for catching my mistake.


If you are sure that it is 9mm then It is most likely to be the 9x56 Mannlicher-Schönauer as I have no record of Hirtenberger producing the 9x57 Mauser. They are very similar.


I actually measured the length seconds before jumping into my car on the way to work, and I saw it was not 57mm, but I blamed myself for seeing things and rushing. Thanks for catching mistake number 2. Any other oversights?