9x57 Mauser by Norma?

I have two references that state that Norma produced 9x57 Mauser; one from a German sale list that states the “NORMA 9x57” hs exists and another from Fournier boxes that are supposed to contain cases from Norma (hs unknown).

I haven’t seen this listed in any Norma catalog or Ads etc but maybe someone has or has such an example.

Any info would be appreciated.

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I have a lot of Norma Headstamps and boxes. No 9x57mm. Lots of 9.3x57 but not 9x57.

I have been looking for Norma headstamps for some decades now, but have never seen a 9x57.

Thanks for responding Pete, Curtis and Morten.

I have found another reference for 9x57 wrt Norma.

Evidently, a July 1949 advertisement in the American Rifleman (Ref Vidar Andresen) from Ashton lists Norma “Custom Ammunition” in 6.5x57, 7x57, 7x64 and 9x57.

Norma Custom Ammunition is known for other calibers also:

-There is an Ashton pkt for “6.5x57R” ( see: 6-5-carcano-norma-box) with the label “norma custom ammunition”. However these contained 8x57JR cases resized to 6.5x57R.

  • 6.5mm Italian (see link above)

  • also evidently 6.5mm Japanese

The fact that these are listed as “NORMA CUSTOM AMMUNITION” seems to imply Norma manufacture. I think it is likely that Norma produced limited runs of the above calibers using whatever cases were most appropriate. Norma only produced 8 sporting rifle cartridges in 1948. So if sales went well they would add this caliber to their range, eg:

6.5mm Japanese added 1952
7x57 added in 1952
6.5mm Italian added 1965
7x64 not added until 1974
6.5x57, 6.5x57R and 9x57 were not added to the range.

So I suspect that maybe some 9x57 were produced from Norma 8mm Mauser cases - being produced by Norma from 1947.

This would explain the contents of the Fournier box 9x57 which is in the same time span c1950. 9x57 are known produced from 8mm Mauser case from Genschow & Polte but I think using Norma 8mm cases is much more likely.

Here is the July, 1949 ad in The American Rifleman, which shows that Ashton “Previews all new custom ammunition”. These are 6.5x57, 7x64 and 9x57. This means they probably wern’t available yet, but would be some time later. The next ad I found was in October, 1952. Here it says clearly 9 mm Mauser (9x57). However, the interesting thing is that I can’t that Norma ever made 9 mm rifle bullets. Therefore it seems to me that these Ashton cartridges were loaded by Ashton using reformed Norma cases and bullets from another manufacturer.


Hi Vidar

Thanks for showing those Ad’s, they help to clarify the issue and I agree with your comments.

Note that 1952 they no longer use the term “Custom ammunition” and yet the 6.5x57, 6.5x57R and 9x57 don’t seem to exist with the correct Norma hs.

Your point about the 9mm bullet is also very relevant as it implies third party involvement in supply of bullets and possibly also loading (maybe Ashton as you state) - all in the 1949-1952 period.

So we still need examples to help fill in the gaps. If the info about the 9x57 in Fournier box is correct (ie it states that they use Norma cases but the image is very fuzzy) then these were done privately (maybe Fournier himself) or likely by Norma - I can’t see Ashton being the supplier to France c1950 but maybe Norma ??

Let’s hope more examples become available.

I know I have sold Norma 9x 57 in the past. In the late 70’s In my shop I had an Orbendorf Mauser sporter that I acquired from a WW2 vet and with the gun on the trade it had several boxes of Norma 9x57. I just contacted my friend at his shop (Pete D has been there) He is quite sure there is at least 2 boxes in the inventory. If he has it( or can find it) he will take pictures of the head stamp.

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Excellent !