A .223 collection


I just bought a clip of .223 at a local meeting, and I’m not sure about where some of those are made. Here’s a picture of those rounds:

I know #5 from the left is German, and #10 is Lake City. #6 I believe is a Swedish blank (wooden bullet ), #7 and #8 are short range.

Here’s the headstamps:

Sorry for my bad english.

I believe thay are as follows (L to R): (updated thanks to the members)

  1. Austrian exercise round
  2. West german blank IWK 67-1
  3. Canadian Blank
  4. Aircraft Armament Industries experimental blank from the early 1970’s
  5. German blank
  6. Swedish Blank (as mentioned)
  7. Commercial Winchester Frangible
  8. Austrian Blank
  9. Canadian tracer
  10. US M885 62gr

Thanks for the reply. You’re right on the headstamp on #2. #4 has no headstamp.

Little correction 1 and 8 are Austrian, First one a dummy, nr 8 a blank.

No.4 is an Aircraft Armament Industries experimental blank from the early 1970’s.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t think #8 is a blank, I think it’s a Norwegian short range. The blue tip is a plastic bullet, and I have several in 9x19, 7.62 x 51, and 7.62 x 63

psg, Austrian blanks are blue (other colors used beofore). Do not confuse them with plastic training rounds from other counrties. Also the primer is unique to Austrian cartridges. Have a close look at the projecdtile tip and you should encounter small irregularities which will indicate that the projectile is hollow and and has weakened sections where it will split open upon firing.

I must admit that I was wrong. So it’s an Austrian blank. Thanks for the tip to make a correct identification.