A 7,65 Browning Headstamp question


Does anyone have an idea who made this one? It is an ordinary 7,65 auto with gm projectile.



The same basic headstamp apears on a .45 Cal. round I think. I have it, but my .45 collection is being moved and is in transition right now, so doubt I could easily put my fingers on it. At one time I would have said it was North Korean, but in this case, I think it is Chinese. The .45 was rumored to be made by Rem-UMC. I say “rumored” because although it is from a good source, I have never seen any documetation on it. All I can say is that the characteristics of the .45 cartridges are the same as those made right after WWII, commercially, by Remington with their own REM-UMC 45 ACP headstamp.
The extractor groove and bevel are identical, as is the kurled case cannelure on both the Chinese and the Remington domestic .45s. The bullets are GM FMJ on both also, as is the nickel primer.

In .45, I have both the one identical to your 7.65 mm Browning, and also another that has only the little “L” like character at the top, but facing in the opposite direction.

Very nice round in .32. New to me. I can be sure of the chronology of these rounds, but the .45s do not match the wartime “RA” production of .45 by Rem-UMC for the military. It is not impossible that as the communists gained ground, and took over arsenals, after the resumption of the Civil War between Mao Tse Dung’s forces and the Kuomintang forces of Chang Kai Shek, that the U.S. continued to supply ammunition to Chang. Unfortunately, my knowledge of the history of that war in China, resulting in the Nationalists fleeing to Formosa, and therefore don’t know the history of what facilities the communists “acquired” and when.


Doesn’t this cartridge have a plated primer? Jack


Hi Jack,

Yes, it appears to be tinned.