A 9 mm Luger Fiocchi surprise

I was at Big 5 this morning, looking into something else, when I saw a 25-round box of Fiocchi, “Pistol Shooting Dynamics” line, of 9 mm Luger loaded with 124 grain truncated XTPHP bullet. I had not seen much Fiocchi ammo of this caliber packed for retail sale in 25-round boxes. I suppose that is a reality of today, since the price was 17.00 per box - not exactly a bargain “give away.”

However, the surprise, or shock, for me was that when I opened it to look at it, I found the ammo loaded in nickeled STARLINE 9mm LUGER cases! I cannot hardly believe that one of the biggest pistol ammunition makers in the world is using Starline brass. That is not an indictment of Starline - their brass is great and is all I use in loading some of my favorite pistol calibers like .44-40. I just didn’t expect to see a non-Fiocchi headstamp. There have probably been other examples, but just off hand, I can’t think of any Fiocchi-loaded, Fiocchi standard brand series ammunition using brass with a non-Fiocchi headstamp. I think of some Fiocchi 9 x 18 mm Makarov loaded in Hungary, but even then, the headstamp is for G.F.L., and not the real maker of the brass.

The box uses a term you see occasionally, but not often, on American ammunition - “Assembled in the U.S.A.” - which in this case is expecially odd, since I would say that at least the case and bullet are American manufacture and the box has the Ozark, Missouri address indicating to me that it was likely loaded in the USA.

Common things in a lot of brands, but uncommon for Fiocchi.

John, Very interesting box and a new one on me! Have never heard of Fiocchi USA using other than GFL marked brass. Sounds like they had a requirement for brass that couldn’t be filled in time with GFL brass so they used generic Starline. Makes me wonder if some of the GFL marked brass used by Fiocchi USA wasn’t already being made by Starline!

Does anyone know whether Starline has been supplying GFL marked brass? If so, I’d be very interested in an image of the headstamp.

Thanks for the post John.


John & Lew, I didn’t know Fiocchi USA was using Starline brass to load their “Pistol Shooting Dynamics” line, but they have been using Starline nickeled brass cases to load the Extrema XTP Line of pistol cartridges as early as December 2009, which is the date I first noted this headstamp in .45 Auto. During 2010 I took note of Starline cases in 9 mm Parabellum, .38 Special and .357 Magnum of the same line, and to my surprise I also found an illustration of a .40 S&W in the 2010 catalog.

I can report that a very recently produced box of Fiocchi Extrema (XTP bullet) in .25acp does have the GFL 6.35 headstamp, and also seems to be a new version of the Extrema line whereas it has regular brass cases, and not nickel plated. I had thought that all of the original Extrema loads were nickeled brass, and I wonder if other calibers are coming out in this line with non-nickeled cases as well, and with GFL or Starline headstamps?

PMC did this several years back to their Starfire line and made for 2 case versions of the same load types for collectors.