A.B.&C. CO. shotshell


Good evening, I’m been going some shotshells and came on an empty and had a few questions on it. I have a shotshell case that is brass with HS, - A.B.&C. CO. PAT.MAR.3.85. No 10 and it seems to be a factory primed empty ready for reload. Question 1 is at what date did this company stop printing PAT. dates or was it untill they just went to the wayside? Question 2 are factory primed shotshells in any demand compared to factory full loads? Thanks, Tom


Tom, A B & C company was the American Buckle and Brass. Do not have a history of the company but will do some digging.


Purchased in 1889 by the Ammunition Manufacturers Association, the monopolistic association of Winchester Repeating Arms Co, US Cartridge Co, Union Metallic Cartidge Co, and Phoenix Metallic Cartridge Co, with the intent of making it difficult for Peters Cartridge Co to obtain shotshell components from a source other than the Association.


Thanks fellows and thank you Guy for the picture archives on your sight.
With such a short run with the company can I assume the pat. date was on all shot shells?-Tom


I believe the patent date was only on the brass shells.

This is slightly off topic, but I’d be interested in knowing if anyone has an American Buckle & Cartridge Co paper shell headstampe with the gauge and ‘Special’, that has a Peters topwad.