A Bit Of Eye Candy (Photos) From The Recent Militaria Show In Darłówek, Poland. Facebook Posting

Posted by Rene Vogt, Rügenwalde, Zachodniopomorskie, Poland, in the Grenades and Ordance Forum of the 20th Century (Facebook)

"Back from show in Darlowo / Poland …

in the last years every time nice show.

This year they moved to new place … and they changed date because of Corana situation…

Finaly there was maybe just 20% of action like regulare… only around 20 dealers, less vehicles… even the beer tent was only 1/2 size of regulare ![:wink:|16x16]… and in the time where I was there all time hard rain and very windy

I got some nice training (inert, dummy/drill) ammo used from Polski Army… 57mm in orig. case, 23mmShilka and 14.5mm…

Hope the show will get better in 2022 !!"


Ha, he hopes the show will be better in 2022, I would be happy to find even 1 round of each in Australia, let alone a box full! Thats for showing.

You do not want the 14.5 as they all have lathe turned projectiles on cases with popped primers (supposedly from demil ops).

Those 14.5s are actually more suitable for many European collectors.

I believe that most all 14.5 Ammunition is loaded with projectile types such as API, APIT etc. That brings legal issues even if the cartridge has the propellant removed.

As such they are ideal for collectors that do not want to deal with the legal issues of collecting the genuine types.

I have a Chinese and Hungarian dummy in that calibre (as well as various spent cases). To me they are good enough representative examples. They are also currently not controlled in any way under UK laws.

i think the 14.5 is fired cases “reloaded” with the lathe turned projectiles
the 57mm zis (not the 57mm s60) is the most beautifull that i see

for falcon ,never see an AP-T load in 14.5

That was a mistake. Now edited to APIT.

Were these dummies made specially for the militaria collectors market?

Are the projectiles solid turned brass? Does anyone know what the headstamp is?

I have one with 21 57. Which should be by Mátrafém at Sirok, Hungary if my notes are correct.

I dont believe that… depends how the marks are orientated I think, its Mesko in Poland, which uses also 21

Hungary and Poland are a special case concerning the arsenal code number system started under Soviet occupation. Both countries use code 21. To tell them apart, the dates have different orientations. When looking at the headstamp with the arsenal code at the 12 o’clock position, Hungary’s date code will be right side up and Poland will have the date inverted.

Brian, add Romania and Bulgaria for #21. And when looking at other ammo apart from SAA it is many more countries who were/are using this code numeral.

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Hungarian #21 is Bakony Művek, Veszprém. 57 is very early and scarce though. The earliest i’ve seen is 59.


yes, and as it was sold in Poland, the polish army has sold their own inventory, not things from abroad.
Thats, why I said, its case is from Mesko…but unknown is the company who did the “brass bullet” attached, because thats not the polish standard Dummy round…

… and Mátrafém Müvek was #23.

Thank you for the correction. Just checked the (old) municion website, I copied it from there. It is incorrect then.