A bit off topic

I realise this is a bit off topic but it is a genuine appeal for information on a gun related matter.

A good friend and shooting companion of over thirty years standing has gone blind in his right eye, almost overnight, due to a burst blood vessel inside the eye. He is a right handed rifle shooter.

He has tried shooting rifle left handed using his left eye but as he says he’s too old to adapt.

Does anyone know of a source for offset scope mounts? . He wants to try shooting right handed using his left eye. We have fashioned a mock up to see how it would work and he says it feels good. I imagine he is far from unique in this predicament. There must be many visually impared shooters out there.

He is going to try and get the mounts custom made but our local (very good) gun dealer says he is sure they are available commercially - he just can’t find out where.

So I thought I would ask you guys, you seem pretty good with most things.

I would have a welder fashion something up with a rail offset to the left of another standard center-rail being connected with short steel rods via drilling & welding.

Thats basically what we have rigged up and it works but the scope moves under recoil. Actually its probably more correct to say the scope doesn’t move in time with the rifle due to its own inertia under recoil and the aim keeps shifting.
We are on the Mark 3 version now, each one heavier and more rigid than before but standard scope mounts don’t like the heavy sideways drag to the left.
When a normal rifle is fired the forces on the scope mounts are in line ie straight up/down. With this set up when the rifle starts to move the forces required to get the scope to move with it are left/right.